Caspian states to gather in Astana for sea status

Caspian states will come together once again to discuss the legal status of the sea next summer in Kazakhstan’s capital Astana.

Special Representative of the President of Russia on the delimitation and demarcation of the state border with CIS neighboring countries Igor Bratchik is optimistic about the upcoming summit.

“The last five-sided summit in Astrakhan in 2014, which policy statement has actually “knocked the skeleton” of the document, considering the base for multilateral cooperation on the Caspian Sea, has given the necessary impetus to the 20-year work on the formation of the Caspian Sea legal status,” Bratchik said.

The Russian expert noted a large number of provisions of the Convention have been agreed since the last summit, which allows to be optimistic about the future finalizing negotiations.

Bratchik added that the signing of the Convention on the legal status of the Caspian Sea at the upcoming summit in Kazakhstan is possible in the presence of political will among the five Caspian states.


By Amina Nazarli for Azer News-

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