22nd World Petroleum Congress (WPC)



Bridges To Our Energy Future

The world is experiencing a global shift with dramatic political, economic and industrial changes, increases in population and volatile pricing that will have a long-term impact on energy requirements and the global petroleum sector. Demand for conventional and unconventional oil and gas continues to rise and remains critical to the changing energy mix, which includes a significant growth of renewable energy. The industry will need to cooperate with all stakeholders including government, industry, academia and society to build the bridges to a sustainable energy future for all. Partnerships, Technical innovations, human ingenuity and strong leadership will form the foundations, supported by global policies for energy efficiency, low carbon solutions, infrastructure development and continuing investment in order to supply energy for our future in a reliable, secure, affordable and responsible manner.

The 22nd World Petroleum Congress will provide the platform for open dialogue to build bridges between consumers and producers, governments and industry, academia and financiers, leaders and society, in order to address these issues and present debates, developments and solutions for sustainable production and use of the world’s energy resources.


Tentative Technical Programme Sessions

The Technical programme of the 22nd WPC is organised in 4 main blocks:

  • Block 1: Exploration and Production of Oil and Gas
  • Block 2: Refining, Petrochemicals,Transportation and Marketing
  • Block 3: Natural Gas Processing, Transportation and Markets
  • Block 4: Sustainable Management of the Industry

The Technical sessions of the 22nd World Petroleum Congress include topical CEO-level Round Table Discussions, Ministerial Sessions and Technical Forums with expert panels presenting key industry topics through papers, as well as interactive posters at the Digital Poster Plaza. You can download the detailed Topic Descriptions of 22nd WPC from the below link:

22nd WPC Topic Descriptions

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